Arian Structural Polymer

Arian Structural Polymer Co., the leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of semi-finished general purpose and Engineering plastics sheets and rods established in 1997. From 1999, it has started its cooperation in this area as sole distributor in Iran with esteemed European companies such as Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, Gehr Kunstsoffwek and Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics and introduced TEPHLON to the customers, the most complete collection of all general purpose and Engineering plastics in Iran.

We always insist on access of all customers to all necessary information in order to increase their choice resolution. We are with the customers by offering test results and consultation to the end.

Polyethylene Colorful Sheets

Polyamide PA6G+Oil Rod

Zellamid PA6G+Oil

Polyetheretherketone Rod

Ketron PEEK 1000

Polyurethane Rod

Polyurethane PU

TIVAR 88 Sheet


Engineering Plastics Weights

Engineering Plastics Weights

Chemical Resistance of Engineering Plastics

Chemical Resistance of Engineering